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Copyrights in Turkey can be a difficult subject. Unlike industrial rights’ protection – such as trademarks and patents – copyright protection starts with creation of the artistic work, instead of a registration. Also, the definition of the “artistic work” perpetually expands, thanks to new forms of media. On top of that, Turkish Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works (No. 5846 – dated 13.12.1951) is a rather old legislation which does not have global or regional uniformity with other laws and practices.

We aim to help our clients by providing clear, concise and effective explanations on copyrights. We want our clients to focus on their creative processes and let us deal with any and all legal background.


  • Research services on a work’s eligibility as artistic work in terms of Law No. 5846

  • Consultancy services on copyright infringement

  • Research services for ownership of the artistic works

  • Recordal services for creation date for the artistic works

  • Preparation, filing and monitoring of applications to General Directorate of Copyrights

  • Consultancy services for copyright agreements such as licensing and transfer of ownership

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