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Law books symobilizing litigation


Lumina IP ensures intellectual property litigation expertise in all types of IP rights. Our experienced litigation team swiftly analyzes every aspect of each potential dispute and provides tailored, creative solutions for the clients.

We manage IP portfolios in many product categories as footwear & clothing, textiles, beauty and cosmetics, food & beverages, catering, restaurant chains, vehicles, vitamins and supplements, entertainment businesses, industrial oils and greases, communication & technology, building construction, insurance and financial services, medical services, pharmaceutical industry and many more.

We take pride in approaching each specific case in its own terms, only to resolve it with our collective experience and expertise. We represent clients in all aspects of IP litigation, including infringement, unfair competition, cancellation, actions against the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s decisions, and more.

In addition to court actions, we provide consultation services such as preparation of IP-related contracts (such as license contracts or franchising contracts). We also excel at legal negotiations to achieve desirable results for our clients and to avoid court actions.

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