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Protection of

Personal Data

Protection of personal data is the constitutional right that individuals have against unauthorized use of their data to other persons or organizations. With the enactment of The Personal Data Protection Law (‘’PDPL’’) No. 6098, a new era has begun in Turkey. While the Law vests certain rights to citizens against real and legal persons, it imposes a set of obligations to the data controllers. More particularly, these obligations concern data processing and human resources units.

Briefly stated, Article 3 entitled as “Definitions” of the Law No. 6098 has described the personal data term as, “All kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable real person”. Constitutional Court decisions described “personal data” as “All kinds of information regarding an individual on condition of an identified or identifiable identity.” Accordingly, not only the ID information such as "name, surname, date, and place of birth" will be treated as personal data but also; “All data that makes the individual directly or indirectly identifiable, such as, phone number, motor vehicle license plate, social security number, passport number, CV, picture, image and sound records, fingerprints, IP address, e-mail address, hobbies, preferences, people interacted with, group memberships, family information, health information” constitutes personal data.

Our office provides professional and eligible support concerning below mentioned processes:

  • Synchronizing the works and actions of real and legal persons who are data controllers, creating and operating the orientation period regarding this matter in the light of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6098 and making the Regulations and arrangements referring to the Law,

  • Providing training and releasing necessary information, making presentations, and conducting seminars regarding this matter,

  • Conducting personal data processing inventory, policy adjustments that need to be regulated referring to the Law, bringing in compliance of the contracts with the regulation in the frame of the obligations of the Law,

  • The board decisions tracking made by the Personal Data Protection Board (‘’PDPB’’) and current affairs tracking, making administrative, criminal, and civil applications in terms of the persons whose personal data is processed and/ or on behalf of the data controller and following up the legal process relating to these applications, following up legal and criminal procedure which is conducted by the administrative agency.

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