Novelty and individual character are key to understand and to achieve solid design protection. Experienced in both the prosecution and litigation side of design disputes, we are more than well-equipped to assist our clients to either obtain a meaningful, valid, and actually protectable design registration or thwart any legal claims arising from designs they face.



  • Filing and following up the registration phase of design applications

  • Protection of non-registered designs per to Article 55 of the Turkish IP Code and analyze of the non-registered protection status of any particular design

  • Novelty/individual character searches and analyzes

  • Monitoring of competitors’ design applications

  • Preparation of contracts for design prosecution (such as assignments, licenses, and so on.)

  • Filing for recordal changes (changes in names, address, and corporate structures as well as mergers, assignments, and withdrawals)

  • Renewals service (including monitoring the renewal status and duly notifying the design owners)

  • Oppositions against third-party applications. They are constructed from scratch for each specific case with the help of our litigation team’s expertise and include novelty/individual characteristic researches of the best investigative quality

  • Objections. Same as oppositions but they are aimed towards Turkish Patent and Trademarks Office decisions