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From neighborhood family businesses to multinational conglomerates, almost all businesses need to protect their trademarks and that is why trademarks are one of the most prosecuted and litigated IP rights.


We take pride in our multi-aspect perspective when dealing with trademark matters. We experienced that our company structure, composed of one partner experienced in prosecution and one partner experienced in litigation, resulted in providing the most beneficial and long-term solutions for trademark protection for our clients.


  • The proposition of prosecution strategies for trademarks to achieve the desired trademark protection in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.

  • Availability and similarity searches and analyzes

  • Monitoring service

  • Preparation of contracts for trademark prosecution (such as assignments, letters of consent and licenses, and so on.)

  • Filing for recordal changes (changes in names, address, and corporate structures as well as mergers, assignments, and withdrawals/limitations of goods and services)

  • Renewals service (including monitoring the renewal status and duly notifying the trademark owners)

  • Oppositions against third-party applications. The motions for appeals, objections, and oppositions are prepared by partners and/or seniors. They are constructed from scratch for each specific case with the help of our litigation team’s expertise, free from generic copy-paste blocks of texts

  • Objections. Same as oppositions but they are aimed towards Turkish Patent and Trademarks Office decisions

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