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About Lumina



Sinem Levent
Managing Partner - Trademark Attorney

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Her IP career started in 2013. She got her trademark attorneyship license in the same year. She was transferred to a larger, full-service IP firm in 2014 and that’s where she and Güray met. After her 3-year tenure, she changed cities and moved to Istanbul where she started to work for an IP boutique in 2017. She represented the firm at INTA and ECTA annual meetings in 2018 (Seattle and Athens). After her return to Ankara in 2020, she and Güray founded Lumina IP.

During the span of her career, she had the chance to provide IP consultation for many different clients – both Turkish and global. Her client portfolio mainly focused on fashion brands, food brands. While she is very experienced in all aspects of IP prosecution, her specific expertise is well-known trademark applications, building opposition/appeal cases, and monitoring of international trademarks in Turkey.


Güray Balıktay
Founding Partner - Attorney at Law - Trademark Attorney

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Prior to the start of his IP career in 2013, he practiced labor/employment law, debt enforcement law, consumer law.

He started his IP career in 2013 and assumed head of litigation in a larger, full-service IP firm as an independent attorney, where he worked until August 2020. During his tenure, he litigated countless successful IP cases, provided IP consultation, and shaped non-litigious IP protection strategies for clients, drafted various IP contracts. Apart from his duties as a head litigator and attorney-at-law, he also represented the firm at INTA Annual Meetings (in 2017, 2018, 2019) and assisted the prosecution department with various tasks.

He is also a certified mediator.

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